Spare the indignation: Voice of America has never been independent

Mar 30, 2017 … By Dan Robinson. Dan Robinson had a nearly 35 year career at the Voice of America, serving most recently as senior White House …

Voice of America closing its Jerusalem bureau – Columbia …

February 12, 2015 … By Gary Thomas. VOA spokesperson Letitia King said she has “no information” that the Jerusalem closure was a “poison pill” designed to get Congress to give …

End of an era? – Columbia Journalism Review

July/August 2014 … By Gary Thomas. The act’s critics, including a number of current and former VOA journalists as well as media advocacy groups, say it would undermine the journalistic …

Mission impossible: Is government broadcasting irrelevant?

July 1, 2013 … By Gary Thomas. What US government agency was recently labeled “dysfunctional” by the State Department’s Inspector General, and year after year is rated in employee surveys as the worst—or near worst—place to work in government?

Dial back the outrage: Repealing a ban on showing international broadcasts is not the same as allowing propaganda

May 25, 2012 … By Emily T. Metzgar. That’s not to say the proposed repeal shouldn’t raise questions. It should, but not questions about propagandizing US citizens. The questions should focus on why we’re so worried about the content we screen overseas, and why we haven’t gained official access to said content sooner in the current porous media environment.

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